If  Love  Must  Go


If love must go, I can’t face the world I’ve built around you.

You took me upon golden wings;

You’ve let me feel the gentle things that have come to bind us together.


The world is you and me. If love should go, what will I do?

I’ve used up all my love on you.

There’s no more for anyone else.


All my life I’ve looked for someone like you

And now my dreams have come true.

Stay with me my darling,

‘Cause I’d be lost…

If love must go!



Bruised , But Not Broken                     

                                                                                                          (dedicated to my friend L.A. who was ravished by breast cancer)


My body is filled with pain

My mind is still intact

Everyday that I see

Is full of God’s mercy

I’ll live to praise his name.


Bruise but not broken

That’s all I’m gonna say,

God’s grace has kept me sane

And I’ll live to praise His name.

With every breath that I take

I’ll tell the world

That He’s in control

I’m bruise…but not broken!

Bruise but not broken,

My body is filled with pain

But God will see me through.


Bruise but not broken,

I know God understands,

Even when I question why

He tells me He’ll hold my hands

He’ll walk me thru His plans

I’m bruised… but not broken!




My Dearest Child


Why do you whine?

Why do you pine?

How is it that your heart’s not in tune with mine?

Didn’t you feel my presence as my sun kissed your cheeks?

You didn’t smile when my breath enveloped you with warmth.

I whispered your name thru the gentle breeze,

But you turned away, with not even a sneeze!


My dearest child,

I waited all day for you to call my name,

I held my breath as you finished your game.

I saw you smile when you read the score,

Still, you didn’t thank me anymore!


My dearest child,

I long to walk with you at the break of day,

I long to see you kneel and pray.

I’ll keep my arms outstretched,

I’ll even watch your every step.


Yes, Yes! I love you with an everlasting love.

I’ll wait for you,

My dearest child!


Oh how we miss the moments that matter.
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  • IanC (Monday, January 26 15 11:44 am EST)

    Excellent writings!

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