A Day Like No Other

            Roosters crowed. A dog barked. A car horn honked in the distance. A thick, white blanket of fog hugged the town. Everyone was asleep. Well, except for the six bright-eyed, anxious, excited yet nervous children—four boys and two girls—who could hardly wait for the sun to come up. Today promised to be a day like no other. Hurriedly, they jumped in their Sunday best, washed down an egg sandwich with some hot cocoa that their step-father had fixed. A white taxi pulled up. They piled in and gave the cabby instructions to go to Kingston International Airport. They were on their way to the United States of America. And mamma would be waiting with open arms.  Read more 

South Fulton Youth Arrow Council_Youth Rally
Youth Rally against violence_a call for the Village
Youth Rally_Bobby Tilman Story.pdf
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Aids Memorial
background and story about aids memorial quilt that was on display at Georgia State University in April, 2012
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